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         dla zwierzt BAZYLI 


We offer:
- 56 rooms for dogs in separate boxes outside. Each room has a wooden floor, a couch and water and food bowls. It is warm and dry in the rooms. A dog can leave the room and go for a run whenever he/she wants. Each dog has his/her own dog-run covered with grass. The dog-runs are either 30 or 11 metres long. Some of the boxes are enclosed from above for those dogs who would be able to jump over the fence and escape. 

- 18 rooms (2 square metres each) for cats or other animals such as rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets or monkeys. Each room has its own separate 7 square metre box outside. Each box is completely enclosed so that the cats cannot escape. There are branches and boughs in the boxes for cats to scratch and climb.    
- Animals such as rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, tortoises and birds should have their own cages or glass tanks that are placed in a separate warm, dry and light room. We provide the animals with food in accordance with the clients wishes.
- The animals receive constant veterinary care and treatment if necessary
- We are open the whole year and in winter our boxes are heated

A health book for your pet is required. The pets blanket or message, his/her toys, basket and cat litter sandbox are welcome, too. Your pet should be free of ticks and fleas. Frontline or Advantix may be administered.

All pet owners, going on holiday, or just for the weekends are welcome. We can take proper care of your pets. You may visit us and make a reservation personally, or you may also phone us or send an e-mail to book a room for your pet. We are at your disposal.

Our prices according to the minimal figures recommended by the
Warsaw Vet Council depend on the size of the dog.

1. small dog (e.g. dachshund) 45 zl. per day
2. middle-sized dog (e.g. spaniel) 50 zl. per day
3. large dog (e.g. German shepherd) 55 zl. per day
4. extra large dog (e.g. rottweiler) 65 zl. per day
5. cat, chinchilla, ferret, rabbit 35 zl. per day (they stay
in cat boxes or in special cages)
6. tortoise, bird, guinea pig, rat 35 zl. per day (they stay
in their own cages or glass tanks)
7. individual and specialist training 50 zl. per hour
(20 zl. for assessing if your dog is suitable for training).
Since autumn 2003 we have been having our customers dogs trained. The training has been done by Mr Korulczyk, a qualified trainer. When you want to have your dog trained to walk and obey you, it takes 15 hours of training. Your dog may also be trained as a guide dog which takes 20 hours.

The prices, which are for full board, are negotiable when your pet is staying in the hotel for more than 20 days. Dogs get canned and dry food. As for cats and other animals they are fed only in accordance with the clients wishes. You may provide your pet with food, but the price remains the same. If you want to have your pet combed or walked, you do not have to pay extra (it is included in the price).

But dont just take our word for how good we are, the following is an extract from an article published in "Mój Pies" in July 2002 nr 7 (130), pp. 14-16

There are many different hotels as well as people running the hotels. I was lucky to find a hotel for animals where I would safely have my pet kept for some time. It is called Bazyli. The owners, and the only workers there, are the married couple Mr and Mrs Rocki. They are very attentive to their little charges. Mrs Rocki who takes care mainly of cats, is in the process of qualifying as assistant professor. Mr Rocki, who is responsible for all the pets in the hotel, is a Veterinary Doctor. At the beginning they dreamt of running a shelter for homeless animals. Unfortunately they met a lot of bureaucratic obstacles and as a result they gave up and decided to start a private enterprise.

Pets usually miss their owners not longer than just for one day. The newcomers have got neighbours such as them, who successfully attract their attention. There are a particularly large number of charges during the holiday season. Out of season there are much fewer animals in Bazyli. Some of them are still being talked about. The dog called Stefania put on weight in Bazyli and the next time her owners were going on holiday, they asked Mr Rocki not to give her too much food. Stefania was probably disappointed but she had to keep fit. The Rockis also remember the talapoin called Figa who had a white nose and got up to a lot of mischief.
You can make profits on everything, e.g. a hotel for animals. But affection to animals is without price.



The Hotel for Pets Bazyli is situated in a village called omna-Las 20 km away from Warsaw and 6 km from the town of omianki, near the main road towards Gdansk. From omianki you have to drive 6 km along this road, pass BP petrol station, and 1 km after them you have to turn left. You cannot miss our notice board that is situated just on the main road.




Herzlich Willkommen im Tierhotel "Bazyli" (MAPS)
Wir bedienen Hunde, Katzen und andere Tiere
- Unsere Hunde wohnen in 56 Wohnräumen. Jeder Raum hat seinen eigenen Auslauf und ist mit einem Hundebett ausgestattet. Selbstverständlich darf der Hund sein eigenes Bettchen und Spielzeug mitbringen. Die Ausläufe sind entweder 30 oder 11 meter lang.

- Unsere Katzen, Kaninchen, Chinchillas, Iltisse und Affen wohnen in 18 Wohnräumen (2 Quadratmeter jeder). Jeder Raum hat seinen eigenen Auslauf. Die Ausläufe sind von allen Seiten umgezäunt.

- Ratten, Hamstern, Meerschweinchen, Schildkröten und Vögel wohnen in ihren Käfigen oder Terrarien im hellen, warmen und trocken Raum.

- Hunde werden mit Tierfutter gefüttert. Sollte Ihr Hund Diätfutter benötigen, so wird es für ihn zubereitet. Katzen und andere Tiere werden nach Wunsch des Kunden gefüttert - Wir sind offen das ganze Jahr hindurch. Im Winter werden unsere Räume geheizt.

Unsere Preise hängen von der Grösse ab:

1. kleiner Hund (z.B. Dachshund) 45 zl. per Tag
2. mittlerer Hund (z.B. Schnauzer) 50 zl. per Tag
3. grosser Hund (z.B. Schäferhund) 55 zl. per Tag
4. sehr grosser oder bissiger Hund (z.B. rottweiler) 65 zl. per Tag
5. Katzen, Kaninchen, Chinchillas, Iltis und Affen 35 zl. per Tag
6. Ratten, Hamstern, Meerschweinchen, Schildkröten und Vögel 35 zl. per Tag